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Music at Beargrass

Beargrass Christian Church recognizes the importance and influence of good music as a gift from God to be used as an integral part of our worship experience. Our music-making is meant to be an act of both worship and ministry. Our view is that whether we participate as a singer, a congregational member singing hymns and/or choruses, an instrumentalist, a director or simply a listener, through music, we have an additional means of spiritual growth.

Our worship music is traditional, contemporary, or a blend of both, depending on which of our services one attends. Beargrass has numerous music ensembles for all ages from preschool through adults. These groups participate in worship and provide special performances during the Advent-Christmas and Lent-Easter seasons. Our Beargrass Choir typically joins least once a year with The Louisville Chorus.

Daniel Spurlock has been the director of music at Beargrass since 1987.

Adult Music

Youth & Children’s Music